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FFXIV: More Eureka!

Zeb and Tai got their Eureka emote today. Thanks to Syn’s help I was able to get the good ending to the quest, too. I very much recommend it! I felt much better about the whole thing when I got to see what was really happening.... read more

FFXIV: Eureka!

I absolutely love this new emote! Especially how it makes Zuri’s ears and tail stick straight up and gives her the biggest grin! But mostly the ears.... read more

FFXIV: Estinien (Trogdor Parody Video) 

Warning: Spoiler content for those who haven’t played through the FFXIV Heavensward MSQ! Video source from This Reddit Thread. Inspired by This Reddit Thread. A parody of the original Homestar Runner’s... read more

ComiXology Unlimited: Trial Thoughts

I’ve been meaning to get into comics sometime. As strange as it is, I’m a webcomic writer/artist, but I don’t really read that many published comics. Most of what I do read are other webcomics, and only a select few, basically because they’re... read more

Stardew Valley: First Summer’s End

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Stardew Valley Playthrough There will be spoilers in this play through! One of the things I do most during Summer is fish. I think that starts to show in my skill sets. I like how at level 5 of each skill, you get to to choose a... read more

Backed: Niche

I haven’t Kickstarted something in a while, to be honest, but this little game called Niche caught my eye. This is touted as a “Genetics Survival” game – a bit of simulation, strategy and rougelike all wrapped up in a breeding/genetics game.... read more

Stardew Valley: Summer Romance

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Stardew Valley Playthrough There will be spoilers in this play through! Growing Closer Finally, after a few weeks of gifting Harvey jars of mayo, I earned enough hearts to get my first cutscene with him. Walking into his office,... read more

FFXIV: Getting Others to 50 (Trioing Dark Devices!)

While I have a lot more of Stardew Valley to write about, I wanted to take a moment to play catch up with what’s been up in FFXIV. For the most part, I’ve been focused less on doing stuff for my own characters and more on helping Vix and Xaa reach level... read more

Nightwish – Shudder Before The Beautiful

A very powerful song that I first heard back when I was developing two new characters in my story, Runne. I’ll always associate this song with them, especially Bahamut. Came across it on my Spotify list tonight and realized I’d never posted it. Been a fan... read more

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