Writing To Inspire Your Geek Life

Writing To Inspire Your Geek Life

Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

Seeing that I bought a Wii U a little over a year ago, I've hardly been giving the Nintendo NX leaks the time of day. I'm not grouchy, but at the same time, I've been resistant to thinking that a new system is coming out to replace my Wii U so early on in its life...

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FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2016

To be honest, despite the expansion announcement and the FFXIV Fan Fest, things are kinda quiet and ramping down for me in game. Lately, I've just been logging in to take care of my Expert Roulette and slowly chip away at my Anima weapon progress. I'm leveling my...

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SongSpear: The Shikaree Struggle

As some may or may not know, aside from Amon's Hat, there is one set of Bard gear that I covet for glamouring purposes. This is Shikaree's outfit. I was still quite young as an adventurer when the dungeons that offer this set were first discovered. Therefore, I didn't...

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Returning from the FFXIV Fanfest 2016

I am alive! ...but extremely jet lagged. No time for rest, though, because it's back to work for me. Anyhow, as you might know, I spent the larger part of last week in Las Vegas attending my very first MMO fan festival of any kind - the FFXIV Fanfest. I met up with 5...

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Pokemon X: Championship and First Shiny

Sorry for cruddy phone pictures. It was the only way I could get screenshots from Pokemon X. So, during the time I had no power this weekend, I pushed through the Pokemon League to become the Champion. This was the first time I've ever "beat" a Pokemon game, so it's a...

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Crazy Hurricane Weekend (And Lots of Gaming)

Creepy picture of Hurricane Matthew's "Grinning Skull" as shown by several weather stations.  *shudder* I'm just a little disoriented today because I spent about 32 hours without power this weekend, sometimes without water, due to the passage of Hurricane Mathew on...

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Pokemon X: I’m Going to the Pokemon League!

Though I've played Pokemon on and off since Pokemon Blue was released, and I've owned three Pokemon games since then (Blue, SoulSilver, X), I have never been to the Pokemon League before. Heck, in the other two games, I didn't get past gathering the first 2 badges....

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IRL Rant: Time Warner/Spectrum Internet Foul Up

I don't usually rant about IRL stuff, but this really burnt my biscuits. This is the story of two lazy cable techs and one tech who went out of his way to clean up the mess they left behind them. This is a story that wouldn't have happened if people had just done...

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Stardew Valley: Popping the Question

Stardew Valley v1.1 just released yesterday with a lot of great new features and improvements. I picked up the game again, and realized that I'd never finished documenting my original playthrough yet. Back in July, I got to year 3, got married and just sorta puttered...

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FFXIV: A Weekend of Small Victories

Vix and I sitting outside in Quarrymill amongst the Unicolts. This weekend in FFXIV has been one of many small victories and steps forward. I was very pleased to have capped out on Scripture Tomes mostly through runs of PotD with The Posse this week. As I deduced...

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Attempting InkTober, Nefol Style

So it’s been years since I’ve actually drawn in ink. But, yesterday I picked up a new set of pens and a new sketch pad, though I’d forgotten about the whole InkTober thing until today. I know that I said I wanted to write out the story of Nefol, but then I decided to...

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FFXIV: PotD Love, Realizations, Finding End Game Alternatives

Those who have read this blog for a while know that I'm constantly grappling with my love of FFXIV vs the stress of being at end game. In fact, I was a little grouchy about the newest patch because it means that I must (yet again) go and re-outfit my main job with new...

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