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FFXIV: Moogle Dance and Massive Minions

Last night Zuri¬†reached the final rank of reputation with the Moogle beast tribe quests, which netted me a number of fun new toys… like the moogle dance above. I also got the new mallow mount and the baby dragon minion. If that’s not cute enough, my FC has...

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June Goals in Review

Wow, where did this month go? How’d you do on your gaming goals for June? With the new FFXIV patch, running raids and doing treasure maps, there was a lot of gaming going on. I actually got a lot of gaming time in on Stardew Valley as well. But, with that all...

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FFXIV Fat Cat Plush

This cuteness just arrived in the mail today! The plush was expensive as far as plushes go, but it’s a good size — exactly what I was thinking it would be. It’s been a long wait since I preordered it months ago! So happy it’s here!...

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Steam Summer Sale 2016 – How Goes It?

So, Steam Summer Sale. Have you been able to withstand the temptation or have you gone all out this year? I held back quite a bit since my bank account is already reeling mightily due to purchasing tickets, flight and hotel for this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan...

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Crud NaNoWriMo July 2016 – Shadows of Zot

Well, crud. Look what happened. I wasn’t going to write for the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I was pretty discouraged after suffering through April’s NaNoWriMo, which was decidedly one of the worst NaNo experience I’ve had yet (no fault of NaNo, it was all...

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Wretched And Divine

  One of many theme songs for my figment, Tai. Lyrics I am the innocent I am what could have been The dreams you talk about, Now left on broken skin Here lies hysteria, A land where chaos reigns Global Disturbia, Bows down to twisted ways. A world of hate awaits...

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FFXIV: Adventures of the Kitty Dragoon

I don’t know what’s possessed me to continue upgrading Zuri’s Dragoon last night. I had a ton of Eso, which I could have used for Relic stuff, but instead bought the Dragoon weapon and three accessory upgrades for Dragoon (despite having a pretty...

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FFXIV: The Japanese Horror Story Continues!

Spoilers: If you haven’t played Tam Tara Hard Mode. A little over a year ago, I lauded the writers¬†of FFXIV for a series of ongoing events that culminated in a pretty cool Japanese horror story in the game. This is, of course, the story of Edda, a...

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FFXIV: Weeping City of Mhach – Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Weeping City of Mhach, the new 24-man dungeon that came out in Patch 3.3. Some time has passed, so I wanted to write an update on how these runs are going. Overall, I see improvement. The groups we ran with last week and this week were...

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Going to FFXIV Fan Fest 2016!

So this happened today. Vacation days = approved. Room in the Paris Hotel = booked. Flight = booked. I’m going to my first ever MMO Fan Fest!...

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FFXIV: Alexander Midas, FC Growth and FFXIV Fan Fest 2016

Alexander & Final Steps Clear Last weekend, our FC cleared some folks through A1-A4. This weekend, we cleared all of Alex Midas Normal. Overall, it wasn’t too terrible. A5 was fairly easy, but we had people who knew what they were doing. As a melee, I know a...

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FFXIV: Finishing 2.0 and Busting Down Goals

Last night, Zeb, I and a kind FC member, Star, helped Xaa and Vix through the final dungeon of 2.0, where they saw the credits roll and have officially “beat” the original ARR. We like to do those last two dungeons unsynced so that new people can see all...

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