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Camp NaNo: Creative Struggles

July was supposed to be a Camp NaNoWriMo for me, but I’ve really been dropping the ball on writing this month. I set a goal of 15K words (which is super low for me) to get some writing started on Shadows of Zot. I kicked around a few chapters earlier this month,...

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FFXIV: I Welcome the New Palace of the Dead

Click here for an awesome Palace of the Dead guide! I’ve already heard some players grumbling about how The Palace of the Dead is boring, etc. etc. etc. But, for me, this is a kind of content that I really enjoy. It’s great because level, gear and...

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FFXIV: Weddings and Palace of the Dead

I’m feeling a bit better after my little rant post yesterday — thanks to all for putting up with that. Part of that has to do with a FC wedding I attended last night and part of that with the Palace of the Dead patch today. It’s been a while since...

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FFXIV: Relic, Second Coil, and MMO Discouragement

Syn has worked really hard to finish the Hyperconductive Anima stage of the White Mage Relic for Zeb, which she just obtained this weekend. While I’m happy for her, Zuri seems to question the situation. I promised Syn that I’d post some screens of Zeb with...

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Amazon Prime Day 2016: The Spoils

This time last year, I didn’t even have an Amazon Prime account. Now days, I’m not sure what I’d do without it. That being said, I spent too much money at yesterday’s Prime Day sale. However, just about everything I bought was either fitness or...

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I Guess GW2 Really Doesn’t Want to Win Me Back

Not that I’ve had a lot of interest in coming back to GW2. It’s still installed on my laptop somewhere, but I had even given up logging in for the daily rewards once I got my third (or was it fourth) level 80 character from the tomes. I never bought HoT....

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Pokemon GO is Changing Everything

That Bulbasaur up there got away, even though I used Razzberries and got two “Nice” throws. Oh well. The important thing is that this picture was taken at a place in my town I didn’t even know existed until yesterday, and was taken on a Sunday…...

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Pokemon GO is a GO!

Talarian wrote some great, must have tips to get you started! I know it’s been a quiet week here on this blog — I’ve had a ton of challenges to overcome IRL that has left me tired and low on energy for blogging or gaming. Despite being super tired...

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